Tony R.


Great company and great service. Our bottom floor of the  house became flooded with water at 1:30 in the morning .  I emailed them at 1:45, they called in 10 minutes and had a crew at my house in an hour. Handled everything from cleanup, to construction and insurance claims! 

Kristen R.


I can't say enough good things about Oliver and the team here.

After an in home flood contractors came in late and the most absorbent item they brought with them was a stack of waivers and lien releases. I asked them to leave, saying "not today Satan."

I searched around and came across these guys who promptly came working late into the evening and worked with the insurance company directly. 

The team helped with every aspect of handling the damage, moving furniture, and alleviating concerns that come with the nature of having your home flooded.

I can't say enough great things about them.

Jilena G.


Ok let me 1st say that these guy BEYOND ROCK!!! I called them the day my house flooded and they sent Larry over. I also called the insurance company and they sent some one right over. Larry talked to the insurance rep while both of them walked around my house to access the damage. THANK GOD Larry was there!!!! He pointed out a bunch of stuff to the insurance rep that I would have never know should have been covered! Great start!!! From there Larry took over! He got his guys to pack me up (I had to move EVERYTHING out of my 1st floor) they packed up the WHOLE kitchen and all my art and photos!! A LOT of work!! These guys deserve mention as they were super sweet and careful with my things. 2 guys both named Jesus, and Oliver, you guys are so wonderful!!!!! Shawn was the contractor, who also did an AMAZING job! Every one he hired to repair my home was FANTASTIC! Especially Muhammad!!! They were several problems dealing with the insurance company as the project went along and I even cried a few times with the stress of it all! Every time I started to stress out I called Larry, who ALWAYS took time to explain everything to me and calm me down. They handled EVERY problem!!! I didn't even need to get involved with the insurance company, THEY DID IT FOR ME!!! Larry treated me like family and will forever more have a place in my heart! That's how great this company is, when your done you'll want to have a thank you party just to honor everyone who fixed your home and took care of you!! 

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