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Thermal Imaging Camera Inspection

Thermal imaging camera is an indispensable tool for inspecting and assessing water damage and mold contamination problems It allows the trained user to find evidence of water intrusion and other structural problems without destructive investigation. Unfortunately only a small percentage of restoration companies and insurance adjusters have these valuable tools available when inspecting and making examinations at your property. San Diego Water Damage uses thermal imaging cameras on all jobs to insure that nothing is missed when inspecting our customer's homes, offices and premises. Don't risk the chance of an incomplete inspection that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and possible extended health care risks. 

Dry Ice Blasting

We are the only remediation company in San Diego with dry ice blast equipment. This is the most effective method to eliminate mold from building materials. It allows us to clean mold in hard to reach areas such as attics and crawl spaces where conventional cleaning methods are not practical. It also allows us to clean in corners and around piping and wiring without causing damage to the utilities. With dry ice blasts we can clean better, faster and with less mess. How it works: Like sand blasting or soda blasting dry ice blasting is a method of abrasive cleaning. The media we use is dry ice in the form of thin pellets or sticks called rice. The super cold rice is propelled by compressed air through the blasting hose and literally explodes the mold off the affected surface. The dry ice expands rapidly going directly going from a solid to a gas. This is called sublimation and means there is no additional mess to clean up that is left over from sand or soda blasting. Dry ice blasting can also help prevent future mold growth. The process leaves a carbonic acid coating on the surface. This will make the surface resistant to mold growth.

Heat Drying

Heat drying is a very effective method for various drying applications. Our 170,000 BTU propane heat dryer is ideal for rapidly drying crawl spaces under buildings or large hi volume buildings where conventional drying equipment would be impractical. The high heat creates rapid evaporation that contributes to fast drying when combined with proper ventilation.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts often become contaminated with dust dirt and mold spores. They can also to contribute to cross contamination by distributing mold spores and other contaminants through out your home or office. Homes that have been found to have had mold should be professionally remediated. Part of the process will include a proper air duct cleaning and filter change. San Diego Water Damage will do a thorough cleaning of your ducts including the air handler and provide you with a custom fitted high efficiency air filter. 

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